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What does it mean?

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4,7-12 does this tie in with Revelations 13:13-14 ??

From EYC 2017

  • At school how do you witness to a girl in your class when all the cool kids are teasing you about it!
  • How many forms of angels are mentioned in the Bible? What were their jobs? Were the jobs specific to the type of angel they were? What are the known physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities of the angels?
  • What happens when the Lord comes back and all dead people from the world are in their grave what happens to them?
  • The Bible seems to indicate that we will meet Old Testament heroes of faith after Jesus returns. How did people attain salvation before the Holy Spirit was poured out?
  • Why is there different standards held amongst different fellowships around Australia when we should all be the same.
  • Why can’t singles be allowed to drive in car together is there a certain number of people that can be in the car that would make it better
  • Why is dancing ‘not our scene’?
  • If a friend in the Lord is going astray whether its dating someone in the world, making crude jokes or having a bad attitude … should I need to approach the over-sight straight away, or is it enough to stand up for the Lord with the Bible standards myself to them?