House Meeting Requests

Individual Requests

The return of the Lord-Millenium-After (Kate Jamieson)

The end times,war,north Korea,Russia etc.. (Janette Stansbury)

David and Goliath-same David? Explain his life (Jackie Hewson)

Revelation-explain/expand, 7 seals. Timeline /order or sequence (Lilly)

Stories shared in Sunday school for adults. People that haven’t grown up in the fellowship ( Kat Rodda)

Adam and Eve were they the father rat people? (Laura)
Jesse covered in presentation

Noah Flood. Whole world or localised (Kat)
Jesse covered in presentation

Noah’s descendants who are they? (Pat)

In depth look into the lives of the apostles (Kate Jamieson)

When the sun went backwards and stood still (Greg Jamieson)

Why we make a stand on not drinking or smoking (Greg Jamieson)

General topics

Daniels 70 weeks simplified

Great pyramid

Witnessing what why examples acts4 acts8 acts 10