End Times

Topics to study about the End times
And relevant issues within the last couple of years.

  • Russians expansion
    • Crimea & Syria… also looking to ‘help’ bail out Greece, Russian exercising war games, flight planes into other countries air zones
  • France become destabilised
    • Nice this morning , Paris attacks, others?
    • Plus terrorist attacks in Belgium, Spain, Others
  • Turkey becoming destabilised
    • Airport attack, constant police attacks
    • Shooting down Russian planes, tension with Russia
    • Tension with Syria also
    • Fighting with Kurds/ISIL/others
  • Europe in trouble
    • Greece broke, Italy almost there, Portugal & Spain also
    • Syrian (& other migrants flooding in the millions into Europe), sending Europe broke
  • Israel/Gaza/Hamas
    • Still rolling on as usual
  • Middle East
    • Power vacuums everywhere … Syria, Iraq, etc
  • Northern Africa
    • Like Egypt struggling to keep law and hence causing terrible atrocities
    • Source of many refugees trying to get into Europe
  • UK
    • Leave European Union
      • Does this affect or enable the promises of Abraham
  • America
    • Massive internal issues (guns)
    • Trump as president?

Now with all these things, it is the scriptures that I need to find to show how the Bible talks about them and demonstrates its prediction of the future (sometimes with, often against conventional thinking)

The other thing I need to work on is how to use these things in conversation to talk of how God has said these things will happen, how they are relevant to each of us, and the answers from the Word of God.