Prophecies of the Bible

4/. The Prophecies of the Bible

The prophecies of the Books of, say, Jeremiah [Tyre and Sidon can be found here, as well as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Amos and Zechariah] , Ezekiel [36, 37 and 38?], Daniel [lots and lots – Babylon, Medo- Persia, Grecian and Roman kingdoms] and of course The Book of Revelation. Local pastors in each assembly, who are regularly on locally or could we say have asked to be regularly on, say a few adjoining Sunday Nights, cover bigger subjects, such as part or all of the Book of Revelation – if we don’t, some of our keen house-leaders will jump in!!

Tyre/Tyrus: Research Nebuchadnezzar/Tyre and then Alexander the Great/Tyre. Isaiah 23, Amos 1, Zechariah 9, Ezek chapters 26, 27, 28 and 29, Jeremiah chapters 25, 27 and 47.
Babylon : Genesis 10:8-9 [Nimrod/Babel], Isaiah 21:9, Jeremiah 25:10-12, chapter 50, Revelation 18:1
Russia. Ezekiel 38 and Joel 2