Gifts of the Spirit

13/. The Gifts of the Spirit.

Particularly explain the ‘Gifts of Healing,’ [Not anyone one with a special healing ‘touch’ with ‘super power’], The Gift of Knowledge [Not ‘fortune-telling!’] and Discerning of spirits [Not casting out Devils].
Wisdom: Inspired wise and correct decision making led by the Holy Spirit. Knowledge: Understanding God’s Word; understanding how God works/thinks. Often extra knowledge of a matter is revealed and then wisdom cuts in showing us how to apply that knowledge. Wisdom and Knowledge often put/work together as in the Proverbs, etc. Faith: Yes, a Gift of God [also a ‘Fruit’] – can be increased by reading God’s Word. Extra faith is sometimes needed in a matter and the Holy Spirit lifts our faith. Gifts of Healing: The sick person/s receives the gift/s – not referring to a ‘special person’ with ‘miraculous’ hands!! Miracles: Divine Healing is of course a miracle, but there are many miracles needed in life: protection, provision, pregnancy [against the odds], etc Prophecy, Tongues, Interpretation: These we hear regularly and we, as a fellowship, have them at least weekly and IN ORDER. Discerning of spirits: Nothing to do with ‘devils,’ but rather discerning between ‘good’ people and ‘evil’ people – [1 John 4:1-2].